Earth Collision Objects

Since the beginning of the universe and time, planetary objects were exposed to collisions.
The history of earth shows there were multiple impacts caused by space objects, this phenomenon should be considered more cautiously by the humankind.

We have all heard of the famous asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs and a vast amount of life on earth – The Chicxulub impactor with the current technology the odds of not detecting such a large object are very low, yet even if such a threat is detected what can be done to prevent the impact?
The co-operation of the Nations is essential to prepare for such a possibility and to obtain a technology to prevent the devastating event.
At the current moment, the best possibility of prevention is the nuclear strike, which has significantly small chances of success, to establish efficient prevention mechanism the cooperation of the Nations and the influence of the people is essential.
Do We care about the survival and security of the humankind?
As this topics seems abandoned by most powerful authorities and organizations.

The Chicxulub Crater: Of Asteroids and Armageddon – Now. Powered by  Northrop Grumman
The Chicxulub impactor

In the year 2020, a large increase of nearby passing objects was noticed, some of them were not detected until the initial flyby, the year 2021 has not been any different.
Some of these objects are found hours before the flyby or are not even detected at all.
This threatening possibility should gain more global attention from the people.

The co-operation of all the Nations influenced by public opinion could just be the key to implement the most beneficial changes together as a united civilization.

Together We can achieve the unbelievable.

Nearby passing objects graph

One of the most advanced observatories currently build is the ELT – Extremely Large Telescope based in Chile.
This telescope is of great importance to the security of our planet, yet the work has been currently suspended, delayed due to the current global crisis.
Many of such observatories should be build together by the Nations in order to detect threatening object more efficiently.

The E-ELT.jpg
Extremely Large Telescope – ELT

There are various international agencies trying to detect threats and improve our security, there are numerous incidents of nearby flying objects/impact objects that were not detected right before the initial event.
We are exposed to a threat that should be minimized as much as possible and mutual global effort is essential to achieve the best possible results.

File:NNSA Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons
National Nuclear Security Administration – NNSA

Recently NASA has created an “Asteroid hunting space telescope” project.
The importance of such projects is extraordinary as they uniquify heighten our detection potential of hazardous objects.
It is a great initiative to increase the security regarding this matter and it should be more acknowledged and supported by the public view.

NEO Surveyor
Asteroid Hunting Space Telescope

Since the humankind has started exploring the space travel We have already managed to noticeably pollute earth’s orbit, large amounts of “space junk” are decreasing the detection potential of hazardous objects.

There is a lot of “space junk” that decreases our visibility and decreases the detection potential of a hazardous object.

These Are The 50 Most Dangerous Objects Orbiting Earth Right Now
Space Junk Visualization

In 2018 SpaceX has launched their first satellite starting the “Starlink” project, the idea is to send thousands of satellites around the earth to make the internet accessible in any part of the world, this is an incredible project yet sending such large numbers of satellites also decrease our vision of space and possibility of detection.

Starlink: Internet from Space – Vividcomm
Starlink Project

We need more prevention ideas and co-operation, without the influence of the public view and lack of consideration of such disastrous possibilities We are exposing ourselves to threats that can be overcome and dealt with if there will be enough mutual commitment to face the issues that can damage us as species.
Global unification is essential to secure the survival and well-being of humankind.

Consular Cooperation, Business & Investment | ASCAME Commission

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The Call for increasing the security regarding an outer space object impact that can create a regional/global disaster:

1. Reassuming and increasing the speed of ELT construction/NASA satellite observatory initiative thus more detection potential is required to prevent the possibility of disaster.

2. Increasing the number of observatory facilities in order to detect impact threats early.
As it is essential to gain time for considering an international prevention plan.

3. Creation of a multi-national team of scientists, experts to consider our preventive possibilities with most modern technology in case of an impact object detected hours before the initial event

There are numerous natural disaster events possible, some more extreme than others.
It would be responsible for the governments and the people to acknowledge possible threats and prepare ourselves in case of such an event.
Science gives us great possibilities to research and understand threatening events and possibilities before they occur to face them as united civilizations in order to prevent chaos and global suffering.

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