How to become a Defender

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We want to describe in detail how the Future Defence Community will function, the goal is to “make it easy to use” for people of any age.

1. “Make an account” (html)

2. Pick the first topic from the ones enlisted on our platform (list of topics here html).

3. Each topic contains the following:

3.1.Educational content – Every essential information regarding that subject.
The best result of preparing detailed, fact-based educational content is for every member to contribute, share their opinion and the truth they believe in.
Each page/topic will contain an “Agree/Disagree” feature – This feature allows every member to share their opinion – please support your claims with scientific articles, confirmed data or anything We can relate to in order to confirm the information and modernize the content of the page.
*This is one of the activities that is rewarded with Future Defence Community Tokens.*

3.2. When you familiarize yourself with the educational content (We want to create descriptive videos for each subject so people don’t have to read) you can proceed further to the “community survey”. *Surveys are also rewarded with the Future Defence Community Tokens.* Each survey contains a number of questions regarding the possible danger resulting from the topic.
The purpose of the surveys is to gather opinions of the people regarding subjects that can endanger us as a civilization or cause any kind of suffering to many living beings in order to know how aware/concerned the population is.
(We predict/hope that most people will be worried about the possible outcomes of many subjects and that their will is to prevent the outcomes that might endanger human civilization or cause the suffering of millions whether it is financial or physical suffering). By gathering a large number of surveys We will know what our civilization thinks as a whole if We are aware of possible dangers and most importantly If We want to prevent/commit to a future of peace, love and abundance for all. A Future where the survival and well-being of humanity are secured, a Future where military conflicts are no more.
We can achieve the unthinkable, Together We can change the world for better.

Once the survey is completed you will be rewarded with a number of FDC Tokens,
and you will be able to sign “The Call For Action” – a petition like function which is one of the most important features. Each Call For Action contains a number of actions that should be done in order to secure the discussed subject. This activity is not token rewarded as We cannot motivate people to sign a petition by granting rewards.
As with educational content – Each Member Is Welcome To Share Their Opinion to Add/Remove /Modernize a petition (Call For Action) – Each suggestion will be visible on the Forum (Library) where the people can vote if that modernization is to their liking. If anything will be changed, every person that signed the petition will be notified and asked if they still support the content of the petition.

This is one of the most essential features of the Future Defence Community as it gains the actual number of people worldwide who desire for some action to be taken in order to secure/improve a given subject which can endanger our civilization.

4. You have finished your first topic –
Welcome, Defender! We welcome you in the community, where We seek to change the world for the better. Change the world for the better in a peaceful, cooperative, uniting manner only.

Now you know the basics of what We intend to do, and how We intend to unite the people and change the world. There are multiple subjects and every single one of them brings ideas, concerns and solutions which should be considered/implemented, everything is achievable with united people – Let’s stop limiting ourselves and start the golden era for humanity.
We have the technology to change the world for better, the potential is limitless.
When Future Defence Community reaches 1-2Billion users We will be able to help millions of people.
We will be continuously describing in detail what We want to build, everything done on the platform will be done for the people – Everything on the platform will be changeable only if the people govern to do so, with the survey system each member will govern and direct the growth and further steps of the community. Nothing is done on our own, without the consent of the people,
Every donation and expense of the Future Defence Community – will be also visible to the people as We want to have full transparency and disclosure of any information.

5. Become active on our forum, familiarize yourself with the discussions and pick the ones most interesting for you. See if you can contribute in any way you want, at this very moment any kind of help is truly welcomed, does not matter who you are or what you do, every interest and support is truly desirable and welcome.

6. Share the news with the family and friends – spread the word about our community as much as you can so people can acknowledge what We are building for them and how fast We can change the world for the better, only if the people join the platform and contribute to a better tomorrow (while earning tokens which will gain an immense value as the community becomes the biggest one in the world).

7. Check out the list of rewarded activities so you can earn as many Tokens as possible –
Any suggestions of rewarding the members are truly welcomed, We want to make as many rewards as possible and support every person in need.
*ALL THE GAIN/DONATION OF FUTURE DEFENCE COMMUNITY – IS BEING USED TO STRENGTHEN THE GROWTH OF THE COMMUNITY AND BENEFIT PEOPLE IN NEED*- Founders/developers etc. are not gaining extra profit for the fact that they implemented and worked hard for this idea, they are getting rewards just like every other member + the agreed payment for their work.
– everything built here is to benefit the people, if you have any doubts if this is true please tell us how can We prove that this community has no intent in gaining financial profit – The only intent We have is to unite humanity and create an era of abundance , peace and love and trust us this is easily achievable, only if We unite and realize the potential and possibilities given to us by the power of creation (God).

Join our discord today –

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