Next steps…

The further milestones for Future Defence Community are essential to obtain as fast as possible, please contribute in any way possible:

1. Community CryptoCurrency Token Pancake swap listing. – Coming Soon.

2. Rewarding System configuration.
3. Website reconstruction
3.1. Adding many features to make the platform as vivid and easy to use as possible.
3.2. Modernizing the visual design – adding more artwork
3.3. Modernizing Educational Content – Every subject will have a documentary video so the member can easily acquire the information and the reality of the threatening possibility.
3.4. The Library (Forum) Designing the best possible setup to suit the needs of subject variety.
3.5. *Begin The Journey* feature – to make the platform usable for any age
a guide throughout the platform that explains everything in detail.

4. Interviews with authors of books – people who agree with the threat of the subjects enlisted –

5. Community suggestions, ideas are truly welcomed. The more people contribute the faster We can change the world, once certain milestones are achieved the community growth will sky-rocket.
Future Defence Community will become the number 1 – Non-Profit organization in the world it is inevitable.

Video Content Creators, Art workers, Content Writers, Researchers, Celebrities, Web developers, Everyone, We need a lot of help to make the world a better place, please join us and help us to secure the future of humanity by creating a global consciousness that seeks for constructive solutions to obtain beneficial changes, Together We Can Achieve The Impossible!

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