Future Defence Community Token Rewarding System

Future Defence Community Token is a cryptocurrency designed to serve the people.
We aim to develop a very stable coin, with continuous-steady growth which has multiple features that make it unique and truly decentralized (anti-whale security features).

The current main purpose of the token is to reward contribution to the growth of the community by rewarding a member for completing various online activities.


Rewarded Activities planned so far (Share your suggestions for rewarding activities):

Creating an account –

Filling out a survey –

Add confirmed information regarding an enlisted subject –

Suggest a constructive solution approved by the community –

Defenderswap Exchange/Purchase –

Share the community link on social media –

Watch and discuss all the videos of Future Defence Community/Share of social media –

Receiving positive reactions from members –

Contribute towards community expansion *Direct Contact +31 626 940 521* –

Purchasing any goods from the store to support the community –

Donate –

General active contribution to community reach/development expansion –

Many additional activities will be provided for the Defenders (members), please give us time to set up the number of coins rewarded per activity, the amount of rewarded tokens will slowly decrease over time, making it a perfect opportunity to gain a substantial financial amount with no investment needed.

Share your opinion and suggestions on our Discord, Twitch, Parler or Reddit.

The Rewards granted are transferred in Future Defence Tokens.
The current financial value of the coins is fairly small, as the community expands and more members are becoming familiar with the project the value of the coin will significantly increase – making it a great possibility for anyone to gain immerse financial profit with no investment needed.

We advise to hold the earned coins as long as possible, We aim to keep the steady growth and expand yet in order to do that every person that holds value in our coins contributes to the growth of the community exponentially.

ALERT FOR INVESTORS: We have designed Future Defence Community Coin to be as least controllable by third parties as possible, We are currently developing many anti-whale security features which will make the coin as least controllable by the wealthy as possible.

If you intend to gain fast financial profit then this is really not the coin you should invest in,

We value steady holders most to create the true coin of the people, over time there will be no need to sell the coin as it will be possible to pay with the coin worldwide, it is just a matter of time.

The coin is designed the support the ones in need, firstly to expand the community and the financial resources to fund various help programs such as a “Global Helpline”.

We aim to make The Future Defence Community Coin Top 10 within months, as the platform is designed to increase awareness and provide a peaceful path of action in order to influence beneficial changes for humanity in general,

A platform where the opinion and suggestion of every member counts, a platform where each member can govern the further proceedings of our community,

A platform that supports everyone in need.

A unique platform to unite humanity and start the era of prosperity for the people.

It is a community-driven effort – Unity and cooperation are essential to change our world for the better and secure the survival and well-being of future generations.

Together We can achieve the unthinkable!

Further plans for Future Defence Community Token are truly outstanding.

We have plans to create a special, unique game
All We can share at this point:
Based on the vision of Future Defence Community, action/educational/RPG Game
that is designed to educate and raise the consciousness of humanity
to a completely new level, based and developed in an ever-growing metaverse.