Space Travel – Next Step For Humanity

According to history, humanity has been to the Moon in the year 1968, over 50 years this amazing revolutionary achievement has not been repeated.

1969 Moon Landing - HISTORY
Moon Landing 1969

It almost seems like the interest in space colonization has been lost from the governments the revolutionary achievement of this magnitude is left to private corporations.

Such an important, evolutionary step for our civilization has been abandoned or left to develop slowly, to say the least. Imagine if international co-operation regarding research and development of space travel was established in the early 1970s humanity could have multiple bases outside of our atmosphere which would overall increase the survival chances of humanity in case of an extinction-level event.

Putting our minds to space travel - Aerospace America

When We achieve this further step in the evolution of humankind, the colonization of other celestial bodies will be possible as well as mining of suitable space objects that contain a vast amounts of resources that are limited on our home planet.

Building Moon Colonies from Urine | by James Maynard | The Cosmic Companion  | Medium

Unquestionably securing the survival of humankind is essential, the colonization of other celestial bodies will provide vastly decrease chances of the extinction of the human race and space mining can be a great opportunity to start to implement financial equality or at least use the profits from such expeditions to support the financial abyss of the world.

Future Visions Asteroid Base
Space Mining Facility Example (2014)

A good example to show how profitable space mining is , the fact that each space mining expedition will have the potential to disturb the world’s economy if handled properly these profits could be used to benefit billions of lives. The question is will the following achievement of our civilization be used to benefit the few once again?

Government Hands Out Billions To Wealthy Corporations – But Universal  Healthcare Is Unrealistic? - The Ring of Fire Network

The answer to that question lies in our hands, the public view has endless potential to influence beneficial changes.

Technology continuously changes our world and reality as we know it.
What mainly drives technological breakthroughs is financial profit, often to benefit a handful of people. Modern technology has the means to limitlessly benefit the entire human race if it would be designed to do so, the futuristic applications of Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize humanity in the most profound ways yet the monetary system, control of big corporations/industries, and lack of international co-operation is the biggest obstacle for researching, implementing various beneficial achievement for the global benefit of the many.

Albert Einstein Famous Quotes Technology - New Quotes
The Human Spirit Must Prevail Over Technology – Albert Einstein

Achieving advanced space travel possibilities opens a lot of doors to humanity and it should be globally acknowledged by the public due to numerous reasons.
The power lies in the people, the monetary system has just simply crippled our civilization in unnoticeable ways.

There are numerous natural disaster events possible, some more extreme than others.
It would be responsible for the governments and the people to acknowledge possible threats and prepare ourselves in case of such an event.
Science gives us great possibilities to research and understand threatening events and possibilities before they occur to face them as a united civilization in order to prevent chaos and global suffering.

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The Call To Use Space Travel/Colonization achievements in order to benefit humanity.

1. Creation of international organization/support group for the top companies in space travel research, to make space travel efficient in order to colonize other celestial bodies as soon as possible, end the division and “space race” work together in order to get humanity on mars.

2. Establishing procedures to benefit the poor from the “Space Mining” expeditions that can bring unbelievable profits, at least a small percentage of these profits should be used to benefit the poor and equalize the distribution of wealth.

3. Supporting , cheering top world companies that can make space travel/colonization achievable in a matter of a couple of years, to make humanity aware of how important this achievement is for all of us and most importantly to cheer up the great minds that are
constantly struggling to solve various engineering/scientific issues to eventually grand humanity the amazing possibility to become multi-planetary species, which is the next
step in the evolution of humankind.

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