Sun Storms

Our Sun is 4.5billion years old, our life-giving star is continuously going through Solar Magnetic activity cycles at some points large eruptions of coronal mass are occurring which are a threat to humanity.

The period of Sun’s magnetic cycles is 11 years. During that period the Sun undergoes through stages of “solar minimum” and “solar maximum” which refer to periods of maximum and minimum active sunspot counts.

Coronal Mass Ejection is a large release of plasma from the surface of the sun.
The ejected material is a magnetized plasma consisting primarily of protons and neutrons.
The charged magnetized plasma travels at the speed of 3000km/s and can reach our atmosphere within 3-4 days from the initial eruption. If such an eruption is directed towards earth our electrical transmission lines will suffer severe damage resulting in potentially massive and long-lasting power outages. CME poses a major threat which can result in a global loss of electricity.

Solar Flare is a sudden flash of increased brightness on the sun often accompanied by ejection of plasma and particles into outer space. Compared to Coronal Mass Ejection, The Solar Flares cause “less” damage such as disturbance in Global Positioning System, Disable Satellites, or create geomagnetic storms. Massive Solar Flares are sometimes accompanied by Coronal Mass Ejection.

The frequency of eruptions depends on the phase of the solar cycle.

Coronal mass ejection X1.8
Coronal Mass Ejection X1.8

The effects of a large coronal mass ejection impact on earth can be devastating,
global loss of electricity that will result in lack of food, water, working vehicles, money loosing value instantly. Without a proper respond from the regional authorities and previously designed prevention procedures by the governments global chaos and panic could arise
switching on the survival instincts.

The Carrington Event in 1859 is a great example of a sun storm that was noticed around the globe and has caused multiple electric blackouts. If the same Coronal mass ejection (CME) would hit the earth the loss of electricity would become potentially global.

In 2012 , Large CME was generated nearly impacting the earth.
The size of the Coronal Mass Ejection indicates that it was a great threat to our power grids and if it was directed precisely on earth We could suffer global electricity blackout and it would take months to get it fully repaired.

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Humankind needs to take such disaster scenarios under consideration in order to create constructive prevention mechanisms and avoid the unexpected occurrence of such events. Without any previously prepared prevention plans and possibilities, millions of lives are exposed to a threat due to our lack of preparation of prevention mechanisms.

Just Thinking About Cooperation Can Make You Less…

Numerous institutions around the globe are monitoring the sun’s activity in order to predict the negative scenario described above, yet enhancement of preventing possibilities/procedures will most likely take place only when influenced by the people.

European Space Agency | Qualia Analytics
European Space Agency
Bestand:NOAA logo.svg - Wikipedia
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Space Weather Coordination Center (ESA)

Space Weather Prediction Center (NOAA)

International Space Environment Service (ISES)

Solar and Hemispheric Observatory (SOHO)

We have the means to fruitfully influence changes and discuss the possibilities with the use of the online global platform created for the people, nothing stands in our way to change the world for the better.

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There are numerous natural disaster events possible, some more extreme than others.
It would be responsible for the governments and the people to acknowledge possible threats and prepare ourselves in case of such an event.

Science gives us great possibilities to research and understand threatening events and possibilities before they occur to face them as a united civilization in order to prevent chaos and global suffering.

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Prevention Procedures In Case Of Large Coronal Mass Ejection causing global electricity blackout.

1. Creation of detailed procedures in order to secure the power grids and prevent global/regional chaos in case of vast electricity blackout, regions with a high amount of population will require more support and coordination.

2. Mutual co-operation towards enhancement of international research organization in order to seek for various innovative prevention methods in case of various rare natural disasters to work towards a more secured future.

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