Suppression of Technology

Most modern technological achievements are remarkably close to something we know as Magic or even beyond that. Futuristic technological prognosis shows us the unimaginable possibilities that science can provide. Technological advancement defines our progress as a civilization and enables us to secure our further evolution as species, unraveling doors to various possibilities which years ago were considered as fiction.

Hundreds of brightest minds who contributed their lifes work to benefit humanity have been unsupported and discredited. This is caused by the control of powerful corporations , ignorance and lack of understanding by the public view, lack support from the government.

How Nikola Tesla Planned To Use Earth For Wireless Power Transfer

The life of Nikolai Tesla is a perfect example of a man who was far ahead of his time, he merely received any significant help from the government nor the public view when all he wanted to do is use technology to benefit humanity. He has invented tens of patents which benefit many fields of modern science, engineering, medical treatments to this very day.
If such magnificent, creative people won’t find the support to achieve their greatness millions of lives will not benefit from their amazing work and the outcomes can be unthinkable.

There are many similar examples of how incredibly inventive minds have been discredited and unsupported by the public view:
Stanley Meyer’s invention of hydrogen propulsion in the early 1990s.
Bedini Brothers free energy generators.
Royal Raymond Rife “The Rife Machine” for curing cancer and other diseases.

Techno- Report #39 - Water-Powered Car — SteemKR
Stanley Meyer Car Running On Water

Please feel free to add any information regarding inventors that were discredited/unsupported which caused lack of further research upon the invention.

Brilliant minds should be supported after all they are the ones pushing our civilization forward, the lack of public interest and the control of wealthy corporations and industries decreases greatly the possibilities of beneficial implementations for humanity itself.

This is a print of the patent drawing for a Nikola Tesla AC Electric Motor  patent in 1896. The original patent has been cl… | Tesla patents, Tesla  inventions, Tesla
Alternating Motor Patent

Tesla Motors has used a patent originally created by Nikolai Tesla in the year 1896, after over 100 years a PRIVATE company has picked up on the idea and started developing the new brand of electric vehicles.

Brilliant patents should be researched by special governmental facilities in order to seek for beneficial implementation, there are so many possibilities now to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

The Venus Project envisions a sustainable redesign of our cities and  civilization

We advise to get familiar with The Venus Project, which is an incredible possibility for humanity to finally leave wars and corruption behind, embrace the equality, freedom and never ending possibilities for united humanity free of debt open to creativity as they do not have to worry about money anymore.
Mr. Jacque Fresco has devoted his life in order to help the human civilization, his work exceptional work is ignored and has almost never reached any mainstream media.


Jacque Fresco, Futurist Who Envisioned a Society Without Money, Dies at 101  - The New York Times
Brilliant Jacque Fresco Brainstorming

Some of most brilliant and shocking inventions are ignored by the public due to their routine imprisonment caused by financial system, which is functioning on such improper and destructive fundaments seriously threatens the further evolution and even survival of human species.

Quotes about Financial System (80 quotes)
Henry Ford underlines the monetary system.

There are numerous natural disaster events possible, some more extreme than others.
It would be responsible for the governments and the people to acknowledge possible threats and prepare ourselves in case of such an event.
Science gives us great possibilities to research and understand threating events and possibilities before they occur to face them as united civilization in order to prevent chaos and global suffering.

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The Artificial Intelligence And Machinery progress subject enlisted in our community also shows how the technological progress over the years has benefited the very few, when it had the potential to benefit the entire humanity. The control of technology and continuous research motivated by financial gain which often ends up in the pockets of very few people is harming our civilization and creating the never-ending financial struggle for the many which in the end puts us in those cages of ignorance and routine constantly fighting for financial gain no matter what cost.

The only way to create a future of love and abundance is to show everybody the facts and let them acknowledge the reality for what it really is outside of our routine every-day cages.
Imagine what 3 billion of members could achieve by simply contributing to our community 1 hour a week through online activities and sharing their inventive thinking and constructive opinions, there are possibilities for beneficial changes would be endless.

The internet gives us the possibility to create a global platform created by the people and for the people.

Quotes - The Nikola Tesla association | Genius for the future
Nikola Tesla words literary describing the vision of The Future Defence Community.

The Future Defence Community envisions united humanity where the voice of the people can be finally heard and various support/prevention/constructive solutions can be suggested and influenced into fruition by the constant contribution of the many.

What our community suggests is the following:

Researching and sharing any known patent designs/suggestions from the 1880s-2000 that had the ultimate potential to benefit humanity yet were discredited and forgotten.
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1. A Call To Create a unique platform to categorize various technological patents/suggestions and create an online facility for the public knowledge and brilliant minds who could pick up on the beneficial patents and possibilities that were abandoned due to lack of understanding of the science behind the patent at the time or lack of advanced technology to furtherly research a given possibility, inventors like Nikolai Tesla cannot be ignored again.
Creating such a platform could increase the awareness of the public view overall increasing the possibility of achieving an invention that could ultimately benefit the entire humanity without the control of various corporations which often seek to control the inventions and global benefit of the achievement simply to keep the power and ever increasing profits.

2. International teams of scientists deliberately working on implementing real global benefits from already known renewable/geothermal energy sources technologies to make it available for global usage, not only for the middle/higher living class which is already more than able to pay their bills. Thousands of people worldwide are suffering due to financial struggle, how are they supposed to afford energy solar panels or geothermal installations?
If an international team of engineers and scientists would be formed a solution for designing a factory to create global production and installation of panels programs that would become more affordable and more reachable for the poor (80% of the population).
There are tens of various solutions that can increase the speed of transition to renewable sources.

Nikola Tesla quote: No free energy device will ever be allowed to reach...

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