UFO Phenomenon (Under Construction)

The mystery of the unidentified flying objects is an extraordinary occurrence that is globally disregarded and ignored by the public view.

The latest U.S. Pentagon UFO report from 2021 clearly states that the unidentified flying objects are REAL and over the years there were various U.S. Government organizations researching the phenomenon, after decades of constant denial the government officials finally admitted publicly that such occurrences are truly taking place.


The UFO history is combined of many mysterious aspects so let’s start from the very beginning.

Current studies of ancient civilizations show the possibility of humanity being frequently visited by UFOs for thousands of years. The incredible interpretations of ancient texts with the use of modern science and understanding of the universe clearly reveal the possibility of ancient civilizations being visited by “Gods from heavens” (Extraterrestrial civilization).

Fremch Cave Painting 13.000 B.C.

Abydos carvings | Ancient Origins
The Abzdos Hierogliphs around 1300 B.C. picturing helicopters and other transportation vehicles.

Ancient Alien Wall Carving Lit Up Inside Tomb by RockfordMedia | VideoHive
Ancient Egypt Wall Carving inside a tomb showing the creature with the pharaoh

Pictures containing UFO phenomenon

Ancient alien discovery: 15th century painting is 'proof of alien visit' |  Weird | News | Express.co.uk
the late 13th and early 14th century, Duccio di Buoninsegna
UFOs in Ancient Art. Baptism of Christ. 1710. Painting by, Aert de Gelder."  Art Board Print by TOMSREDBUBBLE | Redbubble
The Baptism of Christ 1710 A.D.
dracula castle painting.jpg Is Dracula an alien? UFO found in painting near his castle
UFO over Draculas House Transylvania 1350 A.D.
The Annunciation with Saint Emidius 1486A.D.

These are a couple of examples that are out there, every single one of the paintings above contains a flying object. These paintings are from various time periods dating from the 13th to the 18th century.

The Call For Complete Disclosure regarding Unidentified Flying Objects from every government, an organization in order to treat and research this phenomenon responsibly and to finally reveal the truth globally.

1. Declassification of UFO-related government documents, projects, any associated information regarding the mysterious disregarded phenomenon.

2. Publicly discussing the phenomenon in order to acknowledge the possibility of earth being visited, to avoid the “chaos and panic” that can be caused by the first public encounter that will be seen globally.

3. Authorities must turn to this subject in order to inform the people and to reveal the information gathered so far.

4. Creation of a Global Support Group to Disclose and make the first contact possible only if “ufo occurrences are in fact extraterrestrial”

14 July, 2016

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01 June, 2019

Time line of events connected to UFO phenomenon

Please study the timeline to make your own opinion regarding this mysterious phenomenon that has been going on for hundreds of years.

20,000 BC

Ancient evidence

Animal mutilation and circle crop. Mass sighting and encounters . Whistle blowers

UFO Abductions

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01 June, 2019

Mass Sightings

Animal Mutilation

Crop signs

 Military/Government documents/ public statements

Whistleblowers / Military/Government Former Employees Statements